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About Founder Set

Our mission is that Founder Set helps you thrive in life after your last startup.

After I exited our startup, I faced the inevitable question: What do I do next? The answer was not at all obvious, and there were no good resources to help. I felt the blessings and the curse of having been a founder – I had learned a lot and at the same time felt that I learned too much – perhaps not giving ideas enough room to marinate by suspending reflexes of why this idea would not work. Part of it may also be the ‘scarring’ that happens being a founder and the fear of doing that all over again! There was nowhere for someone like me to figure out what they wanted to do next.

I talked to several repeat founders who faced a similar experience of finding it difficult to figure out what to do next. A few recurring questions I heard from them:

I felt there should be a better way for repeat founders. My hope is that whatever that next path may be, it is wildy fulfilling for you. I would also like to see more founders try to build something impactful again (I know founders bear scars from their prior founder journey, so it is not always easy to take that leap again) but society is better off the more of us take that leap!

Hear from fellow founders and others that will hopefully spark your next thing.